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Serving others

Jesus washing his disciples feet

The Divine Servant

The sculpture gracing the atrium of our church building stands as a constant reminder to follow the example set by Christ. We look for ways to serve others as a congregation and as individuals. Five broad ministries evolved over time and provide diverse ways to get involved in making a difference. The Women’s Missionary Union also promotes awareness of and participation in mission endeavors.

Calder Baptist Church Local Mission Ministries:

  • Permanent Shelter Ministry - Hanging sheetrock, hauling debris, hammering shingles, painting walls, and brightening landscapes each allows us to serve others with intentionality and compassion.

  • Emergency / Family Services - We participate in caring for the needs of children and families in crisis through various avenues of service. Our congregational affiliation with Some Other Place (a local, ecumenical helping agency) and Buckner’s International (a Texas-based non-profit with Baptist heritage) goes back decades. These partnerships shape several ministries to children, both locally and globally.

  • In Touch - Homebound church members, nursing home patients, and retirement center residents experience a heightened sense of loneliness and isolation. Offering bible study opportunities and conducting worship services, as well as sending hand-written cards, provides inter-generational moments of community and faith building. The Port of Beaumont allows us unique access to many cultures as we partner with the Seafarer’s Center and serve those far from home.

Calder Baptist Church Outreach Programs:

  • WMU - The W.M.U. encourages strategic prayer, provides mission education, and promotes annual offerings each with a focus on sharing the love of Christ. Teaching children and raising awareness about avenues of missionary service remain an enduring priority. State, national, and international needs receive intentional emphasis each year. The collective energies of these ladies help our congregation maintain a high investment in mission causes.

  • SMORE for Women supports single moms who are attending college for the sole purpose of gaining employment to support their family. They offer not only financial support, but emotional encouragement and spiritual guidance.

    • Calder Baptist supports single moms with an Emergency Fund (ER) You may donate HERE.

    • Numerous articles for single moms can be found on Gail's site HERE.

    • More information is available on the SMORE website.

    • Gail Showalter, founder of SMORE, is an author, a former single mom, and a Certified Professional Coach. She also works one-on-one with single moms.

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